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NEA I say more?

If the NEA wants to go into policy activism, then it should become a private foundation with private funding, and Congress should cut it loose.” (Hot Air)

Did the White House initiate the conference call-cum-political pep rally? Or did the NEA, an independent agency, spontaneously politicize itself?” Chicago-Tribune

I think this is just the beginning of an emerging trend in the Obama Administration. ACORN a non-profit, “non-partisan” organization is on the ropes. Today, it seems another organization receiving federal (tax payer) funds has been exposed of advocating for Obama and his agenda. As said Ed Morrissey from HotAir, if you want to support and advocate for a particular party or politician, do it on your own dime!

Spread the word. Don’t let this come to fruition: “You’re going to see a lot more of us in the next four and hopefully eight years.” -Buffy Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement

I’m curious to know if things like this (federally-funded, non-partisan organizations pulling weight) transpired under George W. If it did, it’s still shameful. If not, that really says something about the way Obama does business. (Just like he ran his ’95 Senate campaign in which he was able to kick everyone else off the ballot). Let me know.


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Remembering Abul K. Chowdhury

In order to do justice to the life and memory of Abul K. Chowdhury (age 30) and to Project 2996, I set out to discover as much information as I could about this man. Sadly, I was able to find very little. Fortunately, however, I believe what I found is enough.

There seem to be certain moments, memories, or words spoken by an individual that reveal just who they really are.

Abul was a family man, married to Young Kim just months prior to 9/11. He also had four sisters and a brother with whom he shared the responsibility of caring for their parents. His brother, Qaisar, said of he and Abul’s relationship, “We two brothers, we help the whole family. We two brothers are like two arms.”

This simple analogy reveals just who Abul was: an upright and generous man, willing to give of himself for the benefit of another.

Rest in peace, Abul.

(Further reading)

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Can Obama even do what he’s doing?

Carson Holloway tackles the question beyond the policy questions of Obama’s health care reform plan in his article, Constitutional Questions About Health Care Reform. Here are some highlights:

– “Debates over health care reform have focused almost exclusively on policy. Few have considered whether Congress even has the constitutional authority to enact its proposed reforms.”

– “One might ask them: if the government cannot compel you to accept health care, how can it compel you to carry health insurance?…For if government cannot compel you to accept even medical care that will certainly prevent your death, why should it be permitted to compel you to purchase health insurance to provide for all manner of uncertain and lesser evils?”

– “It is one thing to accept a limitation on individual liberties when it arises from the exercise of the indisputable reserved right of state governments to regulate individual behavior with a view to the public health, but quite another when they emanate from a very extensive, and therefore very questionable, stretching of a federal power over interstate commerce.”

– “…it is difficult to see how universal health insurance is a reasonably implied responsibility under any of the limited objects with which the federal government has been entrusted.”


The majority of this article hinges upon the fact that health insurance WILL BE MANDATORY. How will they enact this? By taxing every single person that does not have insurance.”

Claim: Page 167: Any individual who doesn’t have acceptable health care (according to the government) will be taxed 2.5% of income

True. This is the mechanism in the bill to enforce the individual mandate requiring everyone to have insurance. A person who doesn’t have insurance that meets minimum benefit standards (or other acceptable coverage, such as a plan that was grandfathered in) would pay a penalty of 2.5 percent of modified adjusted gross income for the year. The total penalty can’t exceed a national average premium for individual coverage, or family coverage if applicable.”

(This is a complete campaign flip-flop. – PolitiFact)

So, can the federal government force this upon the American people? Does Washington still represent us? This guy certainly does not… “I don’t care what my constituents think.”


How do you enforce a health insurance mandate?

“The IRS will become the authority on “acceptable” insurance policies, which goes far beyond the agency’s expertise and mandate.  What makes a tax-collection agency an expert on health insurance?”

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Unseparate When Convenient

While UHCAN Ohio is attempting to join forces with the Church in promoting ObamaCare, you can be sure they won’t bring up this tidbit:

“Despite what Obama said, the House bill would allow abortions to be covered by a federal plan and by federally subsidized private plans.” –

Liberals hate when the Church crosses State lines…until it proves convenient to meet their ends.

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