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I’m Syme

As a junior in high school, I played Syme in our school’s performance of 1984. Upon reading the script and beginning rehearsals, I didn’t get it. I mean, I got it, but it seemed so…science fiction. “Like this would ever happen, ” I thought.


(That’s me).

However, I think I have to agree with Victor Davis Hanson in his article, Our Road to Oceania, “some of this is beginning to sound a little too familiar…”

“Doublethink is common. Presidential sermons on fiscal responsibility tip us off that deficits will soar. Borrowing an additional trillion dollars to manage health care is sold as a cost-saving measure. Racial transcendence translates into more racial-identity politics, reflected both in rhetoric and in presidential appointments.

The government wants to determine how some executives should be paid. The administration assures millions of citizens it will now intrude into everything from buying homes and cars to how they go to the doctor.

If some Americans chose to purchase a roomy gas-guzzler rather than an uncomfortable but more efficient compact car, a kindly Big Brother will now “correct” that bad decision and buy the “clunker” back. If we bought a house for too much money, the government will assure us it was not our fault and redo the mortgage. If our doctor wants to conduct a procedure, a government health board will first determine whether it is cost-effective and in the collective interest.”

While 1984 is intended to be extreme, I think there are certain elements that are very plausible and even slowly becoming present realities. For example, sending emails to the White House over “fishy” subject matter regarding ObamaCare is fishy. Perhaps they just want talking points for future rigged town hall meetings. While Obama’s emails sound congenial, “What health insurance reform means for you,” his senior adviser, David Axelrod, sends a little more serious subject lines, “This isn’t a game,” and “It’s time for a reality check.” If that’s not enough to raise eyebrows (the governmental assurance that they alone hold the keys of truth), perhaps the mainstream media’s (AP) new nickname for the president should make you leery, “The Fact-Checker-in-Chief.” Since when does one man know ALL the facts? He’s not an accountant, a doctor, or a scientist. Nor has he served in the military. He has never run a business.

Beware easy answers from a man with very little experience (if any) in the matters he is advocating. Beware his charisma and his smile if it is not backed with ACTUAL FACTS (be sure to always fact check Obama’s fact checks). Beware a man who has appointed 27 czars, neither elected by the people nor accountable to them (some with criminal records, most are completely unqualified).



“This is still my meeting.” – Marcia Fudge (D)

“As much as you might think the earth revolves around you, it doesn’t.” – Anthony Weiner (D)


August 13, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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