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Why We’re Peeved

Here are a couple of summaries that really…summarize…why conservatives and former Obamamaniacs are unnerved by the current Administration. A couple of weeks ago it was just a couple of polls that revealed the public’s disapproval of Obama’s job performance. But now, EVERY SINGLE POLL has him in the red. At least, I have not found one that shows otherwise.


“You (Obama) haven’t lost support because people hate you, they’ve just been listening to you.” – Neil Cavuto (VIDEO)

“Our support for a massive government program does not increase when you tell us we’re not allowed to ask questions about it.”- HOT AIR.COM

During Obama’s campaign, he encouraged his followers to “get in the faces” of everyone else. Now, when honest, concerned, and opinionated citizens doubt or question Obama’s policies, he calls us “nay-sayers”. Maybe he’s just stressed because his charisma is finally running out and masses of people are no longer under his HOPE and CHANGE spell. He’s no reformer, just a deceiver.


August 6, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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