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The Stink is Right Under Your Nose

After a series of heated town-hall meetings with upset and irate citizens (and rightfully so), the White House and “Democrats have likened the scenes to “mob rule” and accused the protesters and critics of being backed or put up to the behavior by large conservative organizations.”

It seems because the public is not swallowing the stank of Obama’s health care proposal, Obama is now asking his supporters to inform him of anything “fishy”.  What’s fishy about the Health Care debate is Obama’s plan. END-O-STORY. It stinks that it hasn’t been read by those in favor of it. It stinks that Congress is allowing themselves an out from having to use it. It stinks that Obama considers anyone who opposes it a “naysayer.” It stinks, it smells, it’s rotten. How many stories have been released exposing the lies within Obama’s claims? Tons!

In response to the claims of Repulican moles and town hall meetings becoming overwhelmed by an uninformed angry mob, Michelle Malkin is keeping it real.

Apparently, democracy is what he says it is. Everyone else is just uninformed and/or unable to see the light.

August 6, 2009 - Posted by | Health Care, Politics

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