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ObamaCare(s) Not

“Our government should best heed the principal maxim taught to all doctors everywhere–primum non nocere–first, do no harm.”

Scott W. Atlas is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and a Professor at Stanford University Medical Center.

Atlas addresses six ways Obama’s health care plan will diminish the current quality of American care.


Compared to the stats Atlas offers, the NY Times is clearly still brown-nosing the Obama team. Sit BooBoo sit. Good dog.

They only “valid” arguments in favor of Obama’s plan I have heard is the FEW success stories of nationalized health care in Canada and Europe. Of course these stories exist! But it doesn’t justify radically altering the current system! The health care system is broken, yes. But Obama’s plan will only make it worse, which in turn will further damage the country.

And a side note, Liberals keep spouting that 50 million Americans are without health insurance. What they don’t tell you is, almost 20 million of those 50 can actually afford it and CHOOSE NOT TO BUY IT.  This is just another example of how Obama retains supporters- he lies, his administration lies, they mislead and imbellish – all to support the mere ideological endeavors they wish to make in spite of the American people’s wishes. Just minutes ago, Obama attempted to assuage the people by saying NO ONE knew how bad the economy really was, in order to justify how spending BILLIONS hasn’t stimulated the economy. Leading in hindsight is not leading. Like I’ve been saying, he should have listened to the economists that disagreed vehemently before bullying the stimulus through.

Policy should not be enacted with unknown variables and best case scenarios.

UPDATE (6/24): How Health Care “Reforms” will mess with your coverage — A MUST READ!!

Reagan talks about Socialized Medicine in 1961


June 23, 2009 - Posted by | Health Care, Politics

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