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Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn’t Fuzzy, Was He?

Wall Street Journal buffs on Fox News discuss Obama’s “fuzzy” math.

Of the $787,000,000,000 stimulus, only 5% has been spent.

If you remember my previous post, Obama’s bulldozing approach and cheerleading mantra, “The time for action is now,” is looking pretty “fuzzy” as well. While he warned and prophesied that unemployment would hit 9% without billions of tax payer dollars, it has surpassed 9% and is will most likely hit 10% before too long.

So, this is what doesn’t add up for me…

If “the time for action” was when the stimulus was past, why are they using the excuse that communities, towns, states, and organizations are not ready to commence on “stimulating projects,” thus withholding the stimulus funds? If 95% of the country cannot receive stimulus money at the moment, why the urgency? Why was he so adamant about spending so much money (that he didn’t have, that he’s taking from you) so soon? (No one has said, that I know of, that 95% is not prepared to receive these funds. This is just the only excuse I have heard for the stimulus not being spent on its intended purpose. This is of course besides its discreet and shameful purpose — pork).

“Fuzzy” math looks more to me like the impractical, ill-advised, and impatient actions of an inexperienced leader. Those in his corner just keep saying, “Give him time.” Sadly, I don’t think we can afford it.


“Everyone Guessed Wrong” – Joe Biden

“Their past miscalculations demonstrate that they do not and cannot possess the information, knowledge, means, and discipline to manage the economy.” – Mark Levin, Liberty and Tyranny

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