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Pigs are Flying

Home Bible Study in San Diego in Violation of County Code?

The American Flag is Offensive in America?

If you think these stories are rare, they’re not and they’re getting worse.

In the Bible Study story, an average of 15 people meet together weekly to “have a meal, we pray, that was all.” I would understand hundreds or even dozens of cars taking up a whole block of residential parking but this? To put it in perspective, my church’s leadership totaling 16 people meets at a private home on Sunday evenings. This is a total of 10 cars. More than likely, this is probably the same scenario for the San Diego group that has been accused of  unlawfully using the land. Unbelievable.

In the latter story, is relatively cut and dry. Four hospital supervisors share an office – one of them put up an American flag. Apparently, “multiple” people complained about the flag, including one of the other supvisors, a woman who had immigrate from Africa 14 years ago. The woman who put up the flag is obviously proud of her husband and two sons who have previously served this country in the military, as well as her daughter who is currently serving in Iraq on her SECOND tour of duty. What happens when “Support the Troops” bumper stickers and bracelets offend someone? What happens when the 4th of July offends someone? Maybe the Lincoln Memorial will offend some racist from the south and be torn down! Unbelievable.

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